Spanning two generations, Sugar Dolly's Bakery is family-owned and operated by the Morgan family in Stillwater, OK. Overseeing all operations are the mother-and-son team of Travis and Ellen Morgan.

Travis Morgan, a soon-to-be graduate of the Hotel and Restaurant Administration (HRAD) program at Oklahoma State University, is a natural when it comes to baking and cooking. Even as a child, when most kids are watching Cartoon Network, Travis was studying the Food Network. A Heavyweight State Champion wrestler and High School All-American, Travis went on to wrestle collegiately at the NCAA Div. I level. After a career-ending injury, Travis returned home to Stillwater to finish his degree and follow his dream of owning and operating his own bakery.  Sugary Dolly's has given Travis the outlet for his creative baking skills and the avenue to follow his passion – bringing people together with food.

Ellen Morgan, a native of Broken Arrow, OK, grew up in a home where baking was a priority. As a small girl, Ellen learned to bake from her grandmother and mother and learned the importance of a good recipe. An accomplished and serious artist, Ellen spent most of her adult life creating works of art in many different fields. Ellen owned the Home Shoppe, a retail store located in Stillwater's historical Berry House. She is well-known in the community for her beautiful creations and decorations.

The Morgan family has been in Stillwater for over 25 years. Trace Morgan is an attorney in Stillwater and has been married to Ellen since 1980. Matthew Morgan, Travis' older brother lives in Oklahoma City and works with the Oklahoma State University Foundation. Each of the family members contributes to the success of Sugar Dolly's Bakery and is committed to bringing you the best tasting baked goods available.

Who is Sugar Dolly?


Travis’ Grandmother, Sugar Dolly, was destined to be special.  She was born on Leap Year Day in a small town in Michigan to Harry and Anne Belle.  Her Father gave her the nickname, Sugar Dolly, and from that day never called her anything else until the day he died. 

A child of the depression, Sugar Dolly, moved with her family to Coweta, Oklahoma at the height of the depression when her father took a job that necessitated the relocation of the family. Growing up in a small, rural setting, Sugar Dolly learned to cook and bake from her mother. In her childhood during the Pre-WWII era everything revolved around the kitchen. Family get togethers, social events, parties and church events all required food. More importantly, baked goods. 

Cookies, pies, and cakes were Sugar Dolly’s specialties. Watching her Mother’s every move while she was baking, Sugar Dolly memorized the recipes and would secretly write them down and study them so that she could one day bake them by herself. A master cook and baker, Sugar Dolly spent her life pleasing others. 

Sugar Dolly  passed away many years before Travis was born, but he has adopted her passion for pleasing others and has applied his discipline and work ethic that he learned through the sport of wrestling to the operation of Sugar Dolly’s. We honor her memory by making sure that every cookie, cake, brownie, cupcake, fudge or other baked good that leaves our door is the best tasting and finest confection available anywhere in the world.  For us it is the only way. The Sugar Dolly way!